Sunday, November 11, 2007

Analyzing Zephyrus articles

For this assignment each person in class was to choose a section from the school newspaper (Zephyrus) and analyze it. I chose to do the articles found in the "features" section, starting on page 3 of the paper.

Analyzing "Classes give gender break"

The first thing that ever comes up in an article is the title. As such, it should grab a reader’s attention. "Classes give gender break" is not exactly a breathtaking title, but it does grab the reader’s attention. However, the first two sentences in the article are as follows: "Gym classes can be dominated by boys, with girls hanging near the back. Conversely, English courses are often controlled by females while many males shrink from discussion and participation."
These two sentences cite no studies that suggest this would be the case, and doesn't use a quote. As such, it can be classified as an opinion, which doesn't belong in the article. Apparently, nationally boys are falling behind in literacy compared to girls (again, no source is cited), and therefore, our school has instituted boys and girls only classes (satisfying the news element of proximity). The article then goes on to explain what each class is trying to accomplish, as well as any key differences in a given curriculum. I felt that to be well done. However, the article only quotes two people, namely the teachers of the single gender classes. Would not it have been more prudent to perhaps quote a student within either class?

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